Women's thong

Women's thong

Thong is one of the most popular styles of panties among women's underwear. What makes us reach for them so willingly and invariably for years? First of all, it is a cut that beautifully exposes and emphasizes the buttocks and is not noticeable even under very tight or thin clothes. Thanks to this, it works great in many different situations, both on a daily basis and for larger occasions.

What should you pay attention to when choosing thong panties?

Women's thongs can be made of various materials. On a daily basis, the best ones are made of natural and breathable fabrics, for example cotton, which is pleasant and delicate for the sensitive skin of the intimate area. On the other hand, for an evening date or other special occasion, you can go crazy with delicate, transparent knitwear, lace or other decorations. When looking for the perfect pair of this type of panties, it is worth paying attention to the appropriate string size. Too small can inconveniently and unaesthetically cut and squeeze, and too large will not sufficiently tighten and emphasize shapes and figures.

Don't worry - carefully selected, soft, high-quality cotton thongs will not be uncomfortable to wear, so don't be ;let's get this style!

We recommend getting at least a few pairs in basic colors to start with: white thong, nude thong, black thongi, red thong. It is important to be able to match them perfectly with the lower elements of the wardrobe, so that they are invisible under light or dark clothes. Bras can be additionally matched to many models available in our store, thus creating complete, fantastic-looking ready-made sets.

What types of strings can be found in our assortment?

In our offer you can find various, high-quality and fashionable thongs of well-known and popular companies and producers:

  • lace thong – an absolute classic, loved by women of all ages, both on a daily basis and for special occasions and romantic meetings for two
  • high waist thong – beautifully emphasizing and exposing legs, very beneficial for every figure
  • thong strings and t thong – extremely skimpy thong, feminine and sensual
  • sport thongs – perfect for the gym, under tight leggings or cycling shoes, for practicing various sports
  • seamless thongs and laser cut – invisible even under very tight clothes
  • erotic thong – for example open thongs, which in a sensual way will spice up the hot atmosphere in the bedroom
  • affordable multi-packs

Can thongs be comfortable?

Definitely yes! For women who are just starting their adventure with this type of underwear, we recommend women's cotton thongs. They provide very high comfort of use and will be perfect for both work and leisure. A set of strings - feminine, delicate and classy can also be a great gift idea, for example for a friend, sister or beloved. It is the perfect choice for demanding outfits, when we want, for example, an evening dress or tight pants to look immaculate. Very popular among our clients are also women's thongs with a high waist, i.e. high thongs, thanks to which you can beautifully lengthen and slim your entire figure, as well as thongs seamless, laser-cut and sports thongs, perfect for everyday wear, for example with leggings or sweatpants, as well as for various types of physical activity.

Romantic skimpy thong – perfect for an evening for two

Of course, thongs can also be used as evening underwear, which stimulates the senses and ignites the imagination. For this purpose, the best choice will be women's lace thongs, which look very sensual and feminine. Thongs with lace classic and high-waisted lace thongs beautifully expose and emphasize feminine curves, as well as drawing attention to the legs. Another option is thin thongs, i.e. so-called thongs with strings, which can seductively protrude from the pants. It is also worth betting on various types of eye-catching decorations, applications, bows, diamonds, sequins, fancy cut-outs and transparencies – subtle additions that attract looks and add a bit of spice.

How about in thongs for the beach?

More and more women are also choosing to wear tight-fitting panties, such as thongs, during summer holidays, at the beach or at the pool. Such cut in swimsuits is quite bold, so it definitely attracts attention, and in practical terms it is perfect for evenly sunbathing and sunbathing. We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new – because if not now, then when?

Cheap thongs of great quality at Jagna.pl

You can find various models of strings in interesting patterns, colors and prints at really attractive prices. Irreplaceable styles and materials such as lace thongs, strings thongs, cotton thongs, or women's sports thongs, which are perfect for a tight workout outfit. We invite you for a little shopping – both on some occasion and completely without - just to please yourself and buy something special for yourself.

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