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Jagna.pl - lingerie shop and more for every fashionable and modern woman

We invite you to our world of high-quality underwear, clothing and accessories - a shopping mine of inspiration and a place where everyone will find something special for themselves, as well as an always hit and successful gift. Our online store is a huge selection of products at reasonable prices and, above all, the highest quality. We select the offered products with the utmost care, in accordance with the idea that it is worth surrounding yourself and wearing things that give you the highest comfort, look great for many seasons and will not get damaged after the first few washes.

The best lingerie stores? We hope that when you get to know us better, jagna.pl will include your private, top spot!

A proven online lingerie store

Although underwear shops can be found on almost every corner, most of them offer only a limited range in narrow sizes. Our goal, however, is to be able to offer products from various, both Polish and global producers, and above all in all possible sizes, both for very small and slim ladies, as well as for plus size ladies. The biggest difficulty is usually the selection of a properly fitted, perfectly fitting and stabilizing bra, which is why you can find bras from AA cup up to L cup, with different widths under the bust. Other online lingerie shops usually cannot boast such a wide and extensive range of sizes.

What exactly can you find here?

  • women\'s bras in various cuts and styles, fastened and put on in various ways, both soft and stiff
  • panties in various models and versions, from everyday ones to more daring and sexy ones
  • wedding lingerie as well as corsets and teddies, almost invisible and perfectly arranged under such a demanding outfit
  • pajamas, petticoats, nightgowns and bathrobes - soft, comfortable, inviting to relax and rest
  • swimwear - both one-piece and two-piece, in which every woman will feel more confident and phenomenally beautiful in the summer sun
  • corrective underwear - a proven way to hide possible imperfections and shortcomings of the figure
  • maternity underwear - high-waisted, suitable for a growing belly, for childbirth and the postpartum period, as well as for breastfeeding
  • erotic lingerie - perfect for a spicy evening for two to ignite the senses
  • women\'s, men\'s and children\'s clothing, as well as sportswear and ideal for leisure and "at home"
  • Haberdashery, Accessories, Sets and Multipacks

Polish shop with branded underwear

Our online lingerie shop and more is a place where we focus on the convenience of shopping (no queues, without leaving home, at any time of the day or night), a friendly approach to the customer, comprehensive product descriptions, along with illustrative photos on models of various sizes and shapes.

We offer attractive discounts and discounts for our regular customers, we also organize regular sales and special offers.

We focus on Polish, proven brands. We believe that branded underwear - delicate, breathable and pleasant to the touch, is the best for the skin and guarantees the pleasure of wearing. We offer various payment and shipping methods so that each of our customers can easily complete their order. Don\'t worry - even if the product you receive turns out to be not the right size or does not meet your expectations in 100%, you can quickly return or exchange it.

We are also happy to provide advice and help, thanks to which the selection of underwear and other items of clothing available in our store becomes quick, simple and pleasant. Unfortunately, not all Lady\'s lingerie stores operate this way. And that\'s how every shopping should be!

Shop with women\'s underwear for everyone

Our assumption is to create a place where every woman, regardless of her age, size or figure, will be able to find beautiful underwear for herself, in which she will feel both conveniently, freely and comfortably, and will emphasize your strengths and strengthen your self-confidence. That\'s why we created our dream online lingerie store.

Well-chosen underwear is of great importance - it makes clothes fit better, our posture improves, pain in the spine or other parts of the body subsides. Our assortment includes high-quality underwear for women at every stage of life: from teenagers and young girls entering adulthood, to brides, pregnant women or elderly ladies. It is very important to treat the selection of underwear as a priority - each of us deserves to feel attractive, sexy and special. Our online lingerie store is a place worth coming back to!

High-quality underwear, clothes and accessories that you will love!

Why is it worth buying from us? Unlike chain stores, we attach great importance to the diversity of our assortment. Our Polish lingerie store is a tribute to slow fashion - environmentally friendly fashion, carefully thought out, created with respect for people and the world. Other online and stationary lingerie stores are constantly changing their collections, so sometimes it\'s hard to keep up with what\'s currently available. In the case of underwear, instead of being guided by temporary trends and fashion novelties, it is better to focus on timeless classics that always look good. Cheap women\'s underwear often turns out to leave much to be desired. With us you can be sure that you won\'t be disappointed!

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