Briefs are a comfortable, well-known and loved cut of women's panties, which works perfectly every day and which we appreciate for an absolutely timeless, universal cut that never goes out of fashion and always looks good looks no matter what. Figs are most often strongly built on the buttocks and have a medium waist, although they can also appear in a slightly different version and in various variations. Women's briefs is an absolute must-have in every underwear drawer, so you should regularly replenish any shortages.

Women's Panties – an absolute classic!

Brief panties are the perfect cut for every woman, regardless of age or size. They are kind to the figure, they allow you to hide minor shortcomings and imperfections. I can come in a whole palette of colors, although most often we reach for these classic colors: white, beige and black. They work great both with trousers, dresses, skirts or overalls, they are also suitable for any season and weather outside the window. This is the most classic and basic cut of women's underwear, which should be the basis of every wardrobe.

What panties are available in our store?

  • women's cotton briefs
  • laser-cut women's briefs
  • women's seamless briefs
  • thong panties
  • women's swim briefs
  • Women's Brazilian Briefs
  • thong panties
  • women's sports briefs

What to pay attention to when choosing panties?

The first and probably the most important thing is choosing the right size – if we want the panties to look good and at the same time be comfortable to wear, even imperceptible under clothes, they cannot be too small, because in this case they will cause discomfort, unpleasantly and unaesthetically sticking to the body, or too loose, which ; it doesn't look very good either. Briefs perfectly matched, which gently hug the buttocks and expose the curves, should perfectly fit the figure, add self-confidence and emphasize the qualities of the female figure. When it comes to a specific cut, for example low, medium or high waist, more or less cut models, it is best to choose it according to your own preferences and expectations.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a few words about the composition – because panties are a piece of clothing that closely adheres to the body and intimate areas, it is extremely important that they are made of natural, airy, skin-friendly materials, especially if you plan to wear them all day or for many hours . Women's panties 100 cotton will certainly be perfect in this role.

Comfortable women's cotton briefs

Women's cotton briefs from Polish brands and well-known underwear manufacturers, which we have in our assortment, are a proven choice for all women looking for 100% comfort. Cotton is a natural, airy material that does not cause excessive sweating, infection or irritation. These types of panties are perfect for everyday use, for work, leisure time and for sleeping. Women's cotton briefs with lace are also a great gift idea – due to their universality, they will certainly appeal to every woman, regardless of age or preferred style of dressing. In addition, cotton briefs are the perfect choice for children and teenagers, because they are gentle on sensitive skin.

Sexy lace panties

Briefs in a slightly more daring, feminine and predatory version are the perfect option for a romantic date or an evening for two. Cotton panties with lace, transparent women's panties or thong panties are sexy models that ignite the imagination and stimulate the senses. They can additionally have various interesting, eye-catching applications, jewelry ornaments, cutouts and other decorations. Many women reach for the red color of underwear in intimate situations, which works like an aphrodisiac. And for really brave ladies, we also recommend women's panties with a hole and other strongly cut cuts that reveal a lot of the body. It's worth getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting from time to time, especially if your bedroom has become routine and it would be worth reviving the love atmosphere somehow.

Brazilian briefs

Brazilian briefs are also becoming more and more popular among our clients. The design of these characters They are slightly more cut than classic briefs, but they are by no means thongs. This is the perfect compromise that many women are willing to reach for, because such panties are less visible under clothes, even those that are tight and close-fitting, and at the same time they are still very comfortable and comfortable to wear even on a daily basis. Women's brazilian panties is a popular cut, which is definitely worth getting interested in and trying out on yourself. They are still universal and simple, but at the same time more sensual and sexy than classic briefs.

High waisted briefs

High waist is still in fashion due to its beneficial effect on the female figure. Women's high briefs are a dream cut for women who want to subtly cover their protruding belly and protruding sides, slim the waist and visually lengthen and draw attention to the legs. It's also a great choice for swimwear – they will look great on the beach, regardless of their size and figure, allowing you to feel very comfortable, attractive and increasing self-confidence.

For sports

What panties are best for the gym, for running, dancing, yoga, cycling, or when practicing various sports? We heartily recommend bamboo women's briefs, whose great advantage is the positive properties of the fabric from which they were made. Bamboo is a noble material that is characterized by excellent thermoregulation – bamboo briefs are light, breathable, air permeable and comfortable, wicking away sweat and moisture during intense exercise and training. These are perfect panties for women who love physical activity.

For “difficult days“

It is also worth mentioning a few words about figs for the so-called “difficult days”, i.e. during menstruation. At this special time, every woman wants to feel as confident and comfortable as possible, so the perfect option will be safe black women's briefs or built-up women's briefs and boxer briefs be shorts. Women's white panties better leave for other, less “risky” days in a month. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that special menstrual briefs with a built-in absorbent insert, dedicated typically for periodic days, are also becoming more and more popular.

For special tasks

Women's panties may also be available in a modeling version, correcting figure imperfections, which gently slims, hides the belly and sides, emphasizes the waist and lifts the buttocks, so they are perfect under tight clothes, demanding creations, for important occasions and great outings. Such women's panties with a wide elastic band are perfect regardless of the size you wear, also for plus size women. With us, XL women's panties and XXL women's panties are no problem, because we offer beautiful women's underwear in full and wide sizes. We want every woman to be able to find the perfect and dream lingerie for herself.

A huge selection of briefs on

Our online store offers women's panties in various versions, including lace women's panties, cotton and plus size women's panties. We focus on quality, Polish well-known and proven brands and producers of high-quality premium underwear, which is comfortable to wear, pleasant to the skin, as well as durable and solid, thanks to which it will not be damaged after the first few washes. We know that price is also important, which is why actions such as sales or seasonal discounts appear on a regular basis. We also have additional discounts for our regular customers. Buying panties and underwear in our store is pure pleasure - without leaving home, without traffic jams, queues and impulse buying, but calmly, comfortably, with a cup of steaming coffee, in your favorite armchair, at any time of the day or night. We cordially invite you!

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