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Krisline Brillant white bra soft
Krisline Brillant white bra soft
119,90 zł

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AXAMI Brassieres Push-up

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Axami v-6241 pain au chocolat bra - push-up bra - push-up
237,88 zł 158,67 zł 
Axami v-5541 pink quartz bra - push-up
148,87 zł 99,63 zł 
Axami v-5671 black sand bra - push-up
111,95 zł 75,03 zł 
Axami v-5780 basic black bra - push-up
86,96 zł 57,81 zł 
Axami v-5790 basic beige bra - push-up
86,99 zł 57,81 zł 
Axami v-5971 american beauty bra - push-up
135,87 zł 91,02 zł 
Axami v-4871 rosebud bra - push-up
104,96 zł 68,88 zł 
Axami v-4221 coquette bra - push-up
90,13 zł 60,27 zł 
Axami V-4110 Vicereine bra - push-up
127,92 zł 49,20 zł 
Axami v-4010 bra - push-up
125,87 zł 59,04 zł 
Axami v-1410 bra - push-up
96,86 zł 67,65 zł 
Axami v-1420 bra - push-up
111,87 zł 72,57 zł 
Axami v-1551 classy bra - push-up
81,95 zł 34,44 zł 
Axami V-2000 Vermouth bra - push-up
200,90 zł 130,38 zł 
Axami V-2090 Curacao bra - push-up
80,87 zł 51,66 zł 
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Push up bras- lifting the breast bras to create the illusion of a larger breast size. Some bras contain preformed cups, underwire, removable and adjustable shoulder straps, removable inserts. Made in high quality fabric thanks to good support whole the breasts.